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“Pete Cowley has vast knowledge of Real Estate Investing and has taught me several strategies to help kick start my Real Estate Business. When you’re ready to learn about Investing in Real Estate, Pete will support you on your ride to success.”

Sal New York State

“Pete is one of the most intelligent men I ever had to converse with, he is an outstanding real estate master mind, and he’s taught me so much. I purchased 400 Acres in CA for less than 2 Dollars an Acre!!”

Ben California

"Pete Cowley has shown us the reality of literally purchasing real estate for pennies on the dollar”

Damien California

"Pete has a wonderful talent for finding Real Estate at Deep Discounts…I bought a Property in Kansas at less than 11% of it’s Appraised Value!!”

Linda New Mexico

"Thank you so much for taking my calls. It has been an exciting day for me. After talking to you, I got the deed signed for the 10 acre lot in Riverside county, which is worth between $20,000 to 30,000, I got it for $1,000 and will pay $800 delinquent taxes. It was my 1st deal from a property owner, I could not go to sleep the night before, but it is so easy when everything is signed and recorded. The seller even ask me if I am interested in a river-front lot in TX, which was delinquent in tax for years, I’m sure I’ll check that one out. It has been two months after purchasing your Book (‘manual’), I used it faithfully like a bible. We got 3 lots from Arkansas already, and bidding for another 60 lots. Christmas is coming,the rest of this year will be very interesting. Best regards"

Ruth California

All successes can be yours, as long as you do ALL of your "Homework" !