Additional Services

Trainings Available

Training in the Tax Foreclosure Auction Field:  $5,995.95 (+ Expenses) (One-On-One Training at Auctions) plus 10% of the Fair Market Value of All Properties Purchased


Consultation Access:  $500.00 per Month or (For Any Real Estate Related Questions) $100.00 per Hour


eBooks & Manuals Available Too !

Other Trainings Available

Tax Lien Certificates:  $4,995.00 (All the How To's)

Tax Deed Auctions:  $5,995.95 (In Many Counties)

Foreclosure Auctions:  $4,995.00 (At Any County Courthouse)

IRS Tax Certificates:  $5,995.00

Corporate Tax Liens & Marshall Sales:  $6,995.00

Un-Claimed Real Estate:  $19,995.00  (Most Profitable)

Other Services Available

Research Time:  $55.00 per Hour or $265.00 per Day

Basic Auction Fact Finding:  $50.00 per Hour or $250.00 per Day

Mapping of Parcels or Entire Auction:  $50.00 per Hour or $250.00 per Day

Driving Time to Check out Properties:  $50.00 per Hour or $250.00 per Day plus Gasoline

Research Time @ Auction Location:   $50.00 per Hour or $250.00 per Day

Research of All Federal Liens(if any):  $50.00 per Hour or $250.00 per Day

Doing the Entire Auction For You:   All of the Above Plus Expenses